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Delivery Information

Deliveries are delivered by express courier to one of our partners.

We reserve the right to delay / refuse a delivery if you have opted for online payment but the amount paid is not highlighted in our accounts until the deadline set for delivery.

The risk of product loss or damage is transferred to you when you or a third party designated by you, other than the carrier, is in physical possession of the products ordered.

We do not accept orders to be honored by your designated carriers. In this context, only the seller may have the option of choosing the carrier.

We reserve the right not to honor and send orders to people who have not fulfilled their obligations, pecuniary or otherwise, to SC MECRO SYSTEM SRL..

We also reserve the right to cancel orders with incomplete / incorrect contact data in the absence of a response from the buyer.

We reserve the right to stop sending orders to people on whose account there are no more than two orders that could not be successfully delivered within one month.

For promotional periods (Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.), the delivery deadline for orders placed during campaign / holiday runs may be different from the one displayed on QLARIVIA.COM.


Questions or comments about these Terms or the Site may be directed to:

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• phone: Phone: +4 021.444.70.02 or +4 0722.183.018

• mail: SC MECRO SYSTEM SRL 100 P Timisoara Blv. 6 District, Bucharest, Romania

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