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Deuterium in nature

The deuterium content of waters, with minimal fluctuations:

– in the temperate climate area

– 150 ppm (parts per million) D/(D+H),

– at the Equator – 155 ppm,

– in northern Canada

– 135 ppm.

The deuterium quantity in water varies not only with latitude but also altitude (with a values ranging between 150 ppm at sea level and 130 ppm at heights above 3000 meters).

The deuterium concentration in an adult organism is of about 12-14 mmol/l (millimoles per liter). Although it doesn’t seems much, compared to the concentrations of other vital elements in the blood, deuterium is approximately six times more than calcium and ten times more than magnesium.

The deuterium quantity measured in the organisms that live in a certain geographic area is proportional with the deuterium concentration of the water in that area.