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Strengthening the immunity

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Qlarivia represents Immaculate Water, pure, like the water that existed on Earth thousands of years ago.
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Remission of tumor cell lines

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Regulates the digestive system

Due to the reduced deuterium content of only 25 parts per million (ppm)…
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Who should drink Qlarivia?

Due to its properties and benefits on the organism, Qlarivia is meant for everyone.The consumption of Qlarivia is recommended for health conscious individuals, for those who enjoy healthy eating and healthy living. For those who like to be in shape and treat their body right. And especially for those who want to drink the best, healthiest water.
Qlarivia is recommended as regular drinking water for diabetic and cancer patients.

Biological effects of DDW

The biological effects of deuterium depleted water have been highlighted in several studies conducted on plants, animals and humans and published in specialized magazines.
Very briefly these effects might be grouped as follows:
Experiments done on plants show a general productivity increase, such as up to 56% in wheat and up to 250% in cucumbers and radishes.Learn more




1st International symposium on deuterium depleted water (DDW)

Metastatic breast cancer (stage IV)
Media survival two years – 24%
Media survival two years with DDW – 77,8%

Group A: 77 patients 4,6 years – 1692,5 days
Group R: 48 patients 3,3 years – 1106,5 days

Medical survival of people who drink DDW:
1 years p= 93,7%
2 years p= 77.8%
5 years p= 33,4%
8 years p= 9,1%


The process for obtaining deuterium depleted water used to make Qlarivia has been awarded diplomas and gold medals at invention salons in Brussels, London, Geneva and Budapest and other international awards. Learn More



Video gallery

1st International Symposium of Deuterium Depletion.
International scientists met in Budapest to share and discuss their research and studies about the anti-cancer-effect and more of Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW).
View video of the 1st International Symposium of Deuterium Depletion.



Video Presentation