Called "deuterium-poor water", the discovery brought Romanian researchers 5 gold and 3 silver medals at the invention salons in Brussels, Geneva, London and Budapest. Currently, it is used to treat patients in clinics in Hungary, Japan, USA, Germany and Romania.

"Living water is manufactured only in the laboratory, and we are the only ones who produce it legally and we also have the approval of the Ministry of Health. This water is also used at the Oncological Hospital in Timisoara and at a private clinic in Constanta. Practically, starting with the year 2000, this water produced by us is used in various treatments", the general director of the National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenic Technologies from Ramnicu Valcea, Ioan Stefanescu, told us. According to him, more than 100 tons of deuterium-depleted water produced in Romania are exported annually to Hungary, Japan and the USA alone.